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Proactol E-Vouchers



Looking for the best Proactol E vouchers and Proactol discount codes?


We have the best and latest discount codes for getting maximum savings on your Proactol purchase. With up to 8% extra off on top of already generous bulk buy discounts, you can be sure you are getting the best deal possible.


How to get started


1. First of all use the secret Proactol discount link below to ensure the E-Vouchers will work as they should. This will open a new window, make sure to switch back to this window to read the next steps. This will enable you to receive the highest discount available, currently 8%.


Click the Secret Discount Link then switch back to this tab.


2. Once the Proactol page has loaded you should see the Reference number -147713 at the top of the screen -





3. Now click on the order button on the left hand side of the page, and the order page should open.


4. Choose the package you want to order - please note that the price may fluctuate from the one shown below due to exchange rates. The packages will also look different depending whether you are a UK visitor ordering from the UK version of the Proactol site, or if you are ordering from overseas. However the discounts will still apply as normal.


5. Once you have selected your Proactol package, the next page will show a little blue link which says "Have you got a coupon code?". Click the link and enter one of the codes shown below.



Proactol Package

E-Voucher Code

Discount Given

4 Months +


8% Off

2 & 3 Months


7% Off

1 Month Only


5% Off


8. If the code has been accepted, you will see the new price displayed. Thats it! Just relax and decide what to do with the money you have saved!


Problems with your order or any of the codes?


If you encounter any problems don't worry! You can contact Proactol direct by telephone using the numbers below.


If you would like to complete your order by telephone the E-Voucher codes still apply. Make sure to quote "147713" as the activation code upon ordering. For credit card orders or Paypal continue to follow the steps below.




Alternatively you can contact us via email -



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